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Finalrentals rent a car is a premier service providing classy and dependable transportation. Get your rental car in Montego Bay, situated in the northwest and serving the whole island. With standard Finalrentals cars, you can drive as far as you want around the island of Jamaica. You can select from SUVs or sedans from our selection of competitive rates to fit your budget.

If you love beaches and have an eye for history, Jamaica can always be the right choice for you. Jamaica has beautiful resorts in Montego BayJamaica only a short drive away from the famous Seven Mile Beach. Hire a car in Jamaica to ensure you show up at The Dunn's Stream Falls and enjoy numerous stunning natural locations near this port town.

When selecting a car rental in Jamaica, you have several options. We have a selection of sedans, SUVs, and multi-seater vans ideal for family or group travel. Whether renting a house for a weekend or a long time, you can always tailor your Finalrentals rental experience to your specific needs. For instance, if you always want to know where you are going, keep in touch by adding a mobile phone with a local SIM card or a GPS.

So, it is time that you stop worrying about roaming around and exploring the beauty of Jamaica or finishing that last business meeting. Get the Finalrentals JM app and find affordable Jamaica car rental solutions for your upcoming trip! Are you up to it?

Have fun renting!

Discover The Beautiful Jamaica

Get ready to be captivated by the vibrant culture and beautiful beaches of Jamaica. Our video showcases this extraordinary destination, inviting you to embark on an unforgettable journey.

Our Recommendations For Jamaica

Want To Visit Jamaica But Don't Know Where To Go? Here Are Our Suggestions

Port Antonio
Montego Bay
Dunn's River Falls
Portland and Blue Mountain

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Never Rented A Car In Jamaica? Read Our Answers To Your FAQs

Can I rent a car in Jamaica without a credit card?


Yes! Though a credit card is preferred, we also accept debit cards.

What types of cars are available to rent in Jamaica?


Finalrentals in Jamaica provides a selection of vehicles in Jamaica, including compact cars, sedans, SUVs, minivans, and convertibles. Use the search bar above to find a vehicle that suits your needs.

Are there any additional fees when renting a car in Jamaica?


There are no hidden fees when booking your rental. The price at the checkout is the price you pay. If you require any extras, the fee will be made apparent. You can contact our team if you are still unsure.

Is there a mileage limit on the cars?


This will depend on your vehicle and deal. Check your details or contact our team if you are unsure.

What happens if I travel more than the allowed miles?


If you have a mileage limit, then you will need to pay an additional fee if you exceed it.

Can my booking be extended and how does payment work?


Yes, we let you extend your rental booking, ensuring that the car is available. Once this is sorted, we will arrange payment for the extension.

Can I book for a long period of time in Jamaica?


If you plan to stay in Jamaica, we’ll advise you to reserve a long-term rental. Simply enter your trip dates and pick-up/drop-off locations, so we can find you affordable long-term car rental deals.