Jamaica Guides: Car Rental Rules

January 22nd 2022 in Driving Tips
Jamaica Guides: Car Rental Rules

Are you planning a trip to Jamaica? Jamaica is a Caribbean Island that is the third-largest in terms of land area. The island is a popular tourist attraction for many people who visit each year.

When visiting the island, many tourists play it safe by staying at an all-inclusive resort to avoid any hassle and there’s nothing wrong with it, but if you're more adventurous and want to explore the island, renting a car and driving yourself is the best option.

When you are staying on the island of Jamaica, whether it is for a vacation or business trip, one major thing that you will need is a rental car. Rental cars can be rented from a local agency or directly from the airport. The rates of rental cars vary from company to company. The rates also vary depending on the types and sizes of vehicles available for rent. A car rental company may also offer free extras with your rental cars such as free mileage, free insurance, free airport delivery, and free child seats.

When renting a car in Jamaica you will want to make sure that you know the car rental rules.

Car Rental Rules in Jamaica

Car rentals are available in Jamaica’s major towns and cities. Exploring Jamaica with a car rental business can be a fun way to do so. Renting a car is the best approach to viewing the island's beauty, but before you go, you must follow the car rental rules in Jamaica.

If you're driving a rental car, your driving license must be from the country of residence or a valid international driving license.

Drivers must also have a valid passport and a valid visa if required. There is a mandatory insurance fee that covers personal injury and damage. In addition to the mandatory insurance fee, drivers must also have insurance that covers them for the rental car. There is also a fuel surcharge fee which covers gas and oil for the rental car.

Rental Advice

• A valid driver's license is necessary for all drivers.

• To rent a vehicle, consumers must be at least 25 years old.

• Valid International Driver's Licenses are accepted in Jamaica.

• North Americans are permitted to use their home country's license for up to three months for each visit.

• Residents of the United Kingdom can use their license for a period of up to twelve months, whereas Japanese tourists may only use theirs for a period of one month.

• Drivers and front passengers should always have their seat belts on when travelling. And children under 3 must travel with infant carriers

• It is common to make payments with a valid credit card. In addition, there could be a hold put on the credit card in the situation of a damaging accident.

• You will need to purchase a car insurance policy from the rental company.

• All service stations are found throughout the island. Many are open seven days a week.

Final Words

These were all the car rental rules in Jamaica that you should follow. Car rental is the perfect way to explore the island of Jamaica. You can drive around to see the beautiful scenery or head out to the countryside for a more serene setting. Renting a car is an excellent method to move around whether you are travelling with family or friends. Bring your driver's license, passport, and foreign driving permit to the rental agency.