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The Finalrentals Jamaica Story

Finalrentals Jamaica is all about providing quality service that always puts the customer in the driving seat. Our story began with car rental industry experts noticing a problem in the market and striving to fix it. That’s why we’re all about no hidden fees, a quick and easy booking service and bringing our customers to the best destinations in the world. That’s why we’re thrilled to bring our car rental services to the beautiful Jamaica.

Found in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is known for its laid-back atmosphere whilst still maintaining a vibrant and energetic culture. With its cuisine well-loved across the globe and an abundance of natural wonders, Finalrentals Jamaica is ready to help you embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Get ready to embrace the tangible vibe of the island, the immensely friendly locals and the outstanding nature that awaits you on your doorstep.

Learn All About Jamaica’s Rich History

Jamaica’s fascinating history begins almost 1500 years ago in 600 AD when the Tainos arrived on the island from South America. Originally, they named the island Xaymaca, which meant ‘land of wood and water’ and some connection to that first name remains to this day.

Unfortunately, many of these original settlers died out after Spanish colonisation introduced many diseases to Jamaica and slavery conditions. The Taino story and history can still be discovered on the island, with many museums dedicated to them.

After tumultuous years of slavery and hardship, it was finally abolished with the help of Jamaica’s National Heroes who are still celebrated and acknowledged every year. 

Jamaica has since gained emancipation and independence from Britain, unveiling the Jamaican flag that we all know today which represents hardship, the luscious green lands and the sun that always shines.

History lovers will have so much to see in Jamaica with fascinating information for everyone to learn.

Jamaica’s Undeniable Rhythm

Music and dance are a huge part of Jamaican culture that is completely unavoidable when visiting the island. Music legend Bob Marley was born here, and his music and the legacy of reggae are integral to Jamaica. However, there is so much more to listen to to embrace the Jamaican culture.

Folksong is incredibly popular on the island and is a versatile mix of melodic songs, soulful tunes or something more rhythmic. Eitherway, the messages behind the folksong will give you a unique insight into Jamaica’s history.

Throughout the year there are countless music festivals to get a taste of Jamaican music. Ensure you time your adventure right so that you can take it all in. If that’s not enough, then the friendly locals are more than happy to teach you some traditional Jamaican music, a skill you can take home with you.

Know that you can splash out a little extra on these activities having booked with Finalrentals Jamaica. Our competitive prices mean your holiday budget can go on making meaningful memories without compromising on quality.

The Fascinating Culture & People

Jamaica’s culture is a mixing pot of uncountable influences. From South American to Africa, Portuguese to Chinese and Northern European too - it’s a fascinating blend that certainly represents the island.

National pride exudes here, with plenty of joyful and colourful characters more than ready to speak to you about Jamaica and make you feel at home.  These extend into our Finalrentals Jamaica office, where a friendly face is waiting to greet you and welcome you to this beautiful country

One of the best examples of the mixing pot of cultures in action is through the Jamaican dialect. The official language on the island is English, however many other languages can be heard within their intriguing dialect, known as Patois. Patois is integral to being Jamaican and is something they are immensely proud of, capturing the essence of Jamaican.

Delicious Jamaican Cuisine

Food is a huge part of Jamaican life and is heavily associated with celebrations. Smokey, woody flavours are definitely connected to Jamaican cuisine, with flavours like jerk, especially popular.

Ensure you’re up for some spicy foods, as Jamaicans do not dial it down! 

Food in Jamaica is not just about taste, but an aromatic experience to fill all the senses. Get ready to enjoy some of the best dining experiences with succulent meat and seafood, full of flavour and colour.

Jamaica Offers It All

As holidays go, jamaica has something on offer for every traveller, no matter what you’re looking for in your trip. 

Fulfil your sense of adventure by hiking up mountains, bobsledding through the rainforest or gliding above all the outstanding scenery by zip-lining.

And, with such beautiful waters surrounding you, it would be a mistake not to explore them. Go rafting and kayaking up the Martha Brae River, or snorkelling and more to discover what beauty lies beneath the surface.

Of course, there are ample opportunities for a relaxing few hours on the beaches. Grab yourself a cocktail and a good book and get ready to lounge on the white sand beaches as the turquoise waters lap at your feet.

After a day well spent, the fun doesn’t stop, with a vibrant nightlife filling most corners of Jamaica with live music and dancing - so definitely get involved.

Part of the Finalrentals Jamaica experience is our recommendations on where to visit! Before you go, read up on our top places of Kingston, Port Antonio, Montego Bay, Negril, Dunn’s River Falls and the beautiful Portland and Blue Mountain to help decide your dream itinerary!

What’s even better, is that Finalrentals Jamaica lets you drop off your car rental at a different location than pick up, helping you explore as much of the island as possible. No need to stress about where to go and when, our easy-to-book rentals give you the freedom to have full control over your holiday.

Jumpstart your Finalrentals Jamaica adventure!