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Our Jamaican Story:

Finalrentals journey to  Jamaica


Finalrentals was formed to eliminate middlemen, lower unnecessary hidden fees, and make travelling and renting a car in another nation as easy as 1-2-3. We’ve been steadily expanding into new markets, so when we met Rena Forbes, we knew she had to be a member of our growing team. 

The franchise has been secured by car rental industry entrepreneur Rena Forbes, the first female franchisee of Finalrentals. Rena has about 32 years of experience in the industry and has been running her car rental business in Jamaica for many years.

Jamaica is a Caribbean island with a rich landscape of mountains, rainforests, and reef-lined beaches. Several of its all-inclusive resorts are concentrated in Montego Bay, famed for its British-colonial architecture, and Negril, known for its diving and snorkelling spots. Jamaica is the cradle of reggae music, and the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston is dedicated to the late artist.

“Finalrentals is one of the most dynamic car rental brands, and I am so pleased to bring it to Jamaica,” said Rena in a statement.

“(The) role of women entrepreneurs and executives has been amazing in the car rental industry over the years, and it is our honour to empower female entrepreneurs to come forward and take this industry to new heights; the opening of our Jamaican franchise will always be a historical moment for Finalrentals as it is our first woman-led franchise,” added Ammar Akhtar the founder and CEO of the Finalrentals brand.

The Jamaican franchise will serve across Jamaica from Montego Bay to Kingston, including shuttle services to and from both International airports.

Finalrentals is a fast-growing car rental partnership program headquartered in Wales, United Kingdom.